Industrial Platform

Vesta, is a public Mexican company, that develops, operates and leases industrial buildings and distribution centers in Mexico. We offer our world-class clients strategic locations in 13 states, with modern buildings built with eco-efficient standards.

Our Porpuse


To achieve excellence in the development of industrial real estate through an entrepreneurial team that generates efficient and sustainable solutions.


To develop sustainable industrial real estate, devoted to enhancing the wellbeing of humanity.

Quality Policy

To provide our clients with efficient service and sustainable real estate developments. Through an entrepreneurial team and personalized service, we establish a relationship of mutual respect with our suppliers and implement the continuous improvement of our ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.

Integrity and innovation

Our commitment with integrity makes us base our daily experience on ethics, honesty, zero tolerance for corruption, and a focus on increasing collaboration to create a better Mexico.

Our commitment with innovation translates into establishing synergies with other industries, being disruptive in the way we operate in order to increase efficiency standards, showing flexibility in adapting to change, and strengthening our sustainability efforts. In addition, we are designing the Smart Parks of the future.

Our transformative purpose

Innovating Mexico's Industrial Platform - Our massive transformative purpose and reason for being:

We are always innovating, which enables us to provide the best industrial spaces for state-of-the-art companies in order to position Mexico as an Industry 4.0 leader.

Time line