Responsible Citizenship

Since at Vesta we view ourselves as members of the communities where we operate, we implement collaboration projects aimed at establishing a dialogue that allows us to identify local needs that present an opportunity for development.

All of Vesta’s community projects take into consideration human rights and gender equality criteria. The projects and strategies developed by Vesta prioritize the following lines of action.

Our three pillars:



Community Development

Since 2013 we have invested more than US $750,000 in causes that have a social impact, benefiting both the communities where we operate and our stakeholders.

In order to carry them out, we have established strategic partnerships with organisms in civil society, clients, and suppliers. This has enabled us to increase the social and economic impact of our initiatives.

Community Development and
Social Entrepreneurship
  • VESTA Adopts a School
  • Play Center
  • Adopt a Child with a Childfund Mexico
  • Matematiza2
  • Adopt a Talent Program

We have been implementing this project for 5 years in collaboration with the Yo Quiero Yo Puedo Foundation, IMIFAP. It offers training in life skills and programs to prevent violence and addiction aimed at students, teachers, and parents. The goal is to help them make good decisions and promote a virtuous circle to strengthen the social fabric and community networks.

LOCATION: Huemantla in Tlaxcala, Ciudad Juárez in Chihuahua, and San Blas in the Estado de México.

2018 Social investment projects


At Vesta, as part of our social and environmental commitment, we respect human rights, labor standards, environmental stewardship, transparency, and the fight against corruption at all our operations and in all our relationships with stakeholders.

For example, in 2011 we adhered to the United Nations Global Compact and were included in the Sustainability Index of the Mexican Stock Exchange. Starting in 2017, at Vesta we strive to have all our initiatives adhere to the 17 SDGs, thus assuming our role as a key player in the scope of those goals over which we have a direct or indirect impact.

We believe we have a direct impact on four of the goals because we carry out specific efforts to contribute to them. On the one hand, we have social initiatives that promote education and growth in the communities in which we are present; on the other, our operations employ state-of-the-art technology to make the consumption of natural resources more efficient and to reduce our environmental impact. The SDGs we have a direct impact on are:

Finally, a considerable part of our parks employ solar panels or wastewater treatment plants to make the consumption of natural resources at our own and our clients’ operations more efficient. Likewise, in order to increase the impact of our social initiatives, we have established strategic alliances with our clients and value chain, ensuring better results for our initiatives. The goals over which we have an indirect impact are:

Relationship with

At Vesta we actively foster engagement with our stakeholders, recognizing the different cultural and social contexts of the places where we operate. We will proactively maintain and strengthen positive, transparent, and relevant relationships with our stakeholders in order to create a mutually beneficial relationship and to strengthen the relationships built on trust we have established with the communities with which we interact.

Vesta has developed adequate communication lines with its key audiences, issuing complete, timely and reliable information, and has established permanent and open means of communication with both its stakeholders and the public in general.

Our Value Chain

We are aligning our efforts, projects, and communication channels pertaining to our value chain in order to strengthen our relationships in a positive and transparent manner. Our goal is to create a mutually beneficial relationship for all parties and strengthen the trust of our suppliers and/or contractors.