Our Collaborators

We have a young, dynamic and experienced team with a clear strategy - to continue serving as one of Mexico´s leading companies in the industrial real estate sector. We have an integrated management team whose economic interests are aligned to those of our investors. Our team is characterized by its entrepreneurial spirit and expertise in the industrial real estate sector. The team has enabled Vesta to attract the business of high-level multi-national companies and establish long-term relationships with them.

In Vesta we make no distinction for race, ethnicity, gender, origin, religion, age, sexual or political preferences or any disability.

Our turnover rate is less than 2.5%, which reflects stability and retention of talent levels that -are the result of a work philosophy based on the trust that we have managed to convey to our team.

Training and Personal Development

We offer our employees constant training, through our Training Needs Detection Program enabling them to perform their jobs successfully and to achieve their own goals.

We also help our employees grow by implementing individual plans, always aimed at improving the specific skills they require in their daily work. We offer them additional opportunities to grow and become the company’s “business partners”.

Well Building Standard Certification

As part of our commitment to improve the working environment, we were the first corporate headquarters in the real estate industry in Mexico to obtain this Gold Level distinction.

Fully aware that before all else we need to offer our employees the best working conditions, we implement an action plan in 7 different areas that allows them to grow in a healthy environment and promotes their wellbeing:


Vesta offers an attractive benefits package beyond legal stipulations including: a three-month performance bonus once a year, gasoline coupons, mayor medical insurance for our employees and their children under the age of 24, life insurance, car insurance as part of the Vesta Fleet, maternity and paternity leave.

Likewise, in seeking to ensure the comfort and wellbeing of our employees, we offer them other benefits such as healthy snacks and support for participating in exercise and physical activity programs.

Young Talents Program

We developed a program to recruit recently graduated students with degrees in business administration, engineering, and architecture in order for Vesta to become a pool of young talent, in an aim to introduce them to the work environment and help them grow to their full potential.

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